#WorldPhotography: Top 5 Photography Locations Around The World

In Photography by Demelza Cristall

Not only is Demelza a digital content and social media whizz, but she also has a first-class degree in photography. To celebrate #WorldPhotographyDay Demelza has written a blog ticking off her favourite destinations to photograph around the globe. So, grab your notebook and start adding these gorgeous locations to your bucket list.


"I love Iceland - the landscape is so wild and raw yet beautiful. In winter, it feels like you're exploring a different planet, and I had my finger glued to the shutter button my entire trip. Iceland attracts all sorts of brands and film crews. Game of Thrones has filmed there, and brands like Garmin Watches and North Face used the Icelandic landscape as a heroic backdrop."


"It's hard to take a bad photograph in Bali's lush landscape. Every corner you turn there's a wonderful banyan tree, an ancient temple, or colourful street scene waiting for you! I recommend visiting one of Bali’s water temples for perfect reflection shots.”


"Who'd have thought such a breathtaking landscape is only a one day drive. The Scottish mountains make for stunning landscape photographs - especially when you catch sight of a heard of deer! I recommend driving the North Coast 500 to explore all Scotland has to offer. Many car brands have taken advantage of the winding Scottish roads such as Toyota and BMW."

Adirondack Mountains

"There's nowhere else you want to be with your camera in Autumn. Forget Photoshop and Instagram filters. Lake Placid's vibrant colours of red, orange and yellow are enough to make your photography look incredible. Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympics twice. The ski jumping complex allows visitors to ascend the enormous ski jump and experience colourful 360 views - a landscape photographer's dream!“

New Zealand

"New Zealand's environment has everything; iridescent rivers, snow-capped mountain peaks, glaciers, golden coastlines, active volcanoes, deep fjords and wide-open meadows. These Islands are my favourite destination in the world. Not only have they been used in epic fantasy films, but the dramatic landscape are used in many adventure and gaming adverts, such as Evony."