Why not…makeitDRIVE?

In News, Events by Clare Grove

All brands and company identities need a freshen up every now and again. We’ve been @makeitDRIVE on our social media from day one – and we’ve now taken the step to bring our website and emails inline! 

They say that change is as good as a rest. makeitDRIVE better reflects us, our brand and what we do for our clients. They know that by making it DRIVE, they’re making the right choice; and our event clients know that to makeitDRIVE will ensure that their event is created and implemented professionally and remembered positively by all.  

You can now find us at makeitdrive.co.uk  

If you’re looking to make a similar change, here are just a few things to remember!  

  • A full rebrand needs a lot of time to plan; seek specialist advice to ensure you don’t lose web traffic and SEO ranking. 
  • In terms of housekeeping, update all email signatures and, if you still use them, business cards and stationery, as well as invoice/estimate templates. 
  • Pen an email to your current clients, contacts, partners and suppliers (your email and web hosts should ensure continuity of service when you make the change but it’s worth an email and it is great brand awareness!)
  • We’ve brought our URL in line with our social media channels but don’t forget to change these across all platforms and change the URL to which your social media profiles link. 
  • If your name and URL appear elsewhere – listings or directories – don’t forget to have these updated.   
  • Google – make sure your business listing is updated (it’s worth reviewing this regularly in any case!)
  • On your website itself – contact pages/footers and privacy policies can contain email addresses – all of which will need to be changed. 

makeitDRIVE - For quality marketing support and event management in Kent, London and beyond!