Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

In News by Demelza Cristall

Bored of looking through your friend’s blurry food pictures and awkward family photos uploaded by your mum? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a list of our top 10 Instagram accounts.



If you follow MakeItDRIVE on social media you’ll be familiar with our foodie uploads, that’s because we can’t get through the day without three bars of chocolate. Please don’t judge – we know you do it too.



Who doesn’t love videos of ridiculously tiny meals being prepared by even smaller utensils? Tiny Kitchen is both ridiculous and damn right genius and well worth a follow if you like your quirky Instagram accounts – we wouldn’t try it at home though, far too fiddly.




Cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits and the occasional fruit bowl (ew) are aplenty on Yoddy Arefi’s Instagram. We adore the high-quality photography of her tasty treats and she posts her gorgeous recipes to her blog, just in case you wanted to give it ago. We tried but the results weren’t quite the same as her photos…



Everyone needs some uplifting humour whilst scrolling aimlessly on your phone on a tedious train commute.


A true gem of an Instagram. If you’re ever bored, just think of these poor helpless men that went shopping because the chances are you’re not as bored as them (eye roll).


If you’re looking for a bit of self-confidence with a sprinkle of comedy, then Celeste Barber is your girl. She parodies famous photographs of women and the results are brilliantly funny and make you think twice about the reality of photoshopped celebrities.



If we’re honest, this is our favourite type of Instagram and they probably make up around 40% of our whole following lists


Looking to fulfil your inner cat lady? If there’s a cat you should follow, make it the Siamese/tabby rescue cat Nala. The eyes!!!


It does make you wonder what Doug the Pug thinks of his many costume changes and slightly overambitious title of ‘King of Pop Culture.” But we like to think that he loves it as much as we do.


Interior Design

We are obsessed with interior design at DRIVE and Sunday mornings often whiz by in a blur of a scrolling Pinterest screen. We’ve listed two (it was hard) of our favourite interior social media Instagrams.


Apartment Therapy brilliantly showcase 100s of beautiful rooms all demonstrating various styles and designs that make us envious on a daily basis! We recommend following them to feed your interior design obsession.


If you’re more into your buildings than specific rooms, then A Designer’s Mind is an architects dream. From swiss lake houses to futuristic private island retreats, they’ve got it all (why can’t we?)



Now for a bit of marketing inspiration! These brands are leaders in social media marketing, with dreamy content and tones of followers – these brands have extraordinarily good Instagram’s.


Who would have thought a swatch company would have such a huge social media presence! Every day they create content influenced around a specific colour and create beautiful imagery – it’s definitely one to follow.


Packed full of beautiful photography and motivational stories from families across the world, Airbnb will certainly fuel your travel inspiration and empty your bank account as you find yourself booking another holiday.


This interior, fashion and lifestyle brand is located just 5 minutes from DRIVE HQ. They have mastered the art of bringing their colourful and bright prints to life on Instagram.


Adobe’s creative monthly campaigns bring fresh user-generated content to fuel anyone’s imagination!


If you’re thinking how you can get your Instagram on par with these greats. Give us a call!