The importance of wellbeing and regularly recharging our batteries

In News by Anna Bailey

Here at DRIVE, we fully understand the importance of looking after ourselves; whether by eating properly, getting regular exercise, avoiding working too late into the evenings or at weekends, spending quality time with family and friends or even by trying something new once in a while.

We know that Covid-19 has been a challenging time for many, and the DRIVE team is no exception. We have mourned too many loved ones in the past few years and so the importance of looking after ourselves and being present is now more important to us than ever before.

Therefore, we relish our own holidays and those of our colleagues; it is something of a tradition to send off our colleagues in style (we believe a holiday handover is a great excuse to do so over lunch and a few drinkies  and we have learned over the years to make sure we have packed our cases before those few drinkies kick in…I for one have been woefully under-prepared for a rainy long birthday weekend in Madrid!).

It is also part of the deal that we WhatsApp the group with an appropriately jolly pic such as a first cocktail or pedicured toes on the beach or a gorgeous view as soon as we arrive at our chosen destination.

After all, in the end, that is really what it is all about. Yes we absolutely love what we do and work very hard for our clients but life cannot always just be about work and deadlines; there has to be some downtime to rejuvenate and recharge our makeitDRIVE batteries. 

So bonnes vacances to you all! – whether staying at home to potter and relax, exploring the UK or braving the bureaucracy of actually getting off this island! We have recently enjoyed sharing some of our favourite Kent days out on our social and will continue doing so and expand this to include any gems we find a bit further afield…

(Beach toes courtesy of Anna Bailey on a recent day out at St Mary’s Bay in Dymchurch!)

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