Lockdown: An opportunity for reflection

In News by Courtney Lancaster

Despite the chaos we’re working through, some way or another, it presents us all with a very important, yet often undervalued concept - time. As hard as the situation is for us all, there is an argument to say that it’s presented a rare opportunity to evaluate and review, to pause for a moment and look at such things as image, brand and team.
 I know that life is challenging for many people and their businesses, but I wanted to take a moment or two to write a short and simple list of just some of the ways in which you could take the opportunity and, perhaps, turn it to your advantage.

Your website:

Typically, your website will be the first place a potential client or customer will visit. Is it welcoming? Does it explain your services clearly? Is it visually appealing? Is your user journey simple enough?

Take the time to analyse each page of your website; why not delegate a page to a team member, this will: a) spread the workload and b) get opinions from the people that matter. Such scrutiny will not necessarily result in a brand new website, just one that has a clear, precise and positive user experience. Time allows you to strip it down to its bones and get your message across.

Your brand:

Now, this could well be considered to be a difficult time to rebrand – and we know this from a client’s recent experience. You don’t want to be perceived as a new company, reappearing after a tough economic time.

But, an important question to ask is ‘do you like your branding right now?’

It is key to your company; it may well appear on stationery, vehicles, client material and so on. If you believe your logo shouts to your target audience and urges them to use your service, then you’re on to a winner. If not, you can enhance your logo with minimal steps. Use the same colours and font but add a strapline or background icon. Little touches could freshen up the look and feel of your entire brand.

Your social media:

Use this time to plan, and plan wisely.

Instagram is an amazing social media platform when its managed correctly with time and thought. Facebook is a great platform for building engagement with both your existing and potential clients. LinkedIn can be a portfolio, a true representation of your hard work and your standing in your sector or industry. Twitter is a great place to have a virtual argument with @missguided when they rudely send you a size 6 dress that you can’t squeeze into with all the might in the world!

You have 12 months per year and at least four weeks per month to run social media campaigns. Pick a service that you offer and promote it through your online platforms – create an offer or maybe an explainer video to get right to point – after all, we have all seen the impressive statistics on video use on social media platforms.


More importantly…

You and your team:

We all possess something really important right now, time. Time to be productive with your team and work on each other’s skills. Time to take care of those within your company and take care of your clients too. Time to put your head down, make choices and get through this.  

Unlike some, I am in a very fortunate position; DRIVE Marketing is pushing through this unknown territory (and rightfully so) until we appear on the other side. We aim to get through this time helping the clients we care for and the businesses in which we believe.

There is no point sweeping it under the carpet – every business will be taking a hit. Here at DRIVE, we are working with clients to get them through the next few months in the best way we know how – with dedicated drive (!) and passion for what we do.

That said, even we have a little more time on our hands than we had last month. I will be using this time to work on our website and create content for DRIVE, I also want to work on my own written communication and copywriting skills – hence this blog.

Why not find something that you’d like to improve upon? Make a list of your short-term goals and be satisfied with your accomplishments.

Now, I could have written this blog on ‘top tips to get through isolation’ or ’10 things to do with children during quarantine’, but I’d have déjà vu before I even started the second paragraph. I took the time to write something personal, DRIVE-related and positive. I hope you enjoy it. 

Please stay well, look after yourself and those around you.


If you like what I’ve written and want to get in touch, please email on courtney@drive-marketing.co.uk or call the office on 01303 760670!