International Women’s Day

In News by Sophie Porter

With International Women’s Day this weekend, my team thought what a good excuse it would be for a blog - not that you ever need an excuse for a blog, but the saying fits, I guess! I wanted this blog to shine a light on my opinion this International Women’s Day and as an excuse to introduce myself as the newest member of team DRIVE!

The marketing industry, statistically, is male-dominated, but when women make up over half the population, in many households are the decision-makers (yes, it’s true, boys) and, well, buy a lot of ‘stuff’, shouldn’t women be marketing to women? I mean, who’s ever had a man who knew exactly what you wanted without you telling him? Nope… me neither.

Us women, we often told that we’re emotional, we’re sometimes erratic, but, regardless of this, we know what we want. We also respond differently to things – to language, aesthetics, interpretations of any kind. We analyse these things in fine detail, attempting to get to the core of the what, the why and the how? And this, in my opinion is why our marketing agency works so well. All of these attributes seep into the way we work, how we decide the colour of a graphic and tone of a website, or how we position and create a brand. It’s an emotional process taking into consideration the meaning behind particular colours, phrases and positions, and it takes skills and qualities that those of us of a female persuasion just naturally possess…

We’re a female-led marketing company with a small team that have a big impact. We know what we’re talking about and we know what we want to achieve. I used to think that the marketing industry was full of big shots, throwing around their chauvinistic opinions of ‘what women want’ whilst taking two hour lunches, when in actual fact, in my case anyway, it’s a group of strong-willed, smart, family-orientated women who come alive during the Monday morning production meeting. Who make ‘posh’ coffees, and listen to sometimes cheesy music;  who make the lunch run to the café only to eat-at-desk and continue to work, who laugh and joke about their week night shenanigans and lust after the huge glass of wine on a Friday, women who can get three hours of work done in 45 minutes and multitask like you wouldn’t believe!

And we do all of this whilst delivering killer marketing strategies for our clients, simply because that’s the way we do things!

I couldn’t be more proud of my job, and although it’s by pure coincidence that we’re all women, I think it’s the perfect recipe for a plate of darn good marketing.