Small Things to Improve Your Work Wellbeing

In Mental Health by Demelza Cristall

Looking after your wellbeing at work is just as important as it is at home – after all, it’s where you spend most of your day.
We've put together a little graphic – feel free to share, pin, or print and stick onto your notice board - it may help someone out.

At DRIVE, we take pride in trying to create a healthy work environment – despite how busy we are!

Demelza always gets some fresh air on her lunch break - if you're stuck for inspiration or feeling frustrated, nothing beats a short walk. We're lucky enough to be located near the sea and love to take a team meeting to the harbour for ice creams.
Courtney is continually decluttering her desk, the office, even attempting Clare's desk! Having a clean clutter-free workspace can make it easier to organise your thoughts and processes for the day.

We like to think that we have created a culture where people are happy to say if they need help with their workload. We push for working as a team - not working in silos - nurturing an ethos that plays to colleagues’ strengths allowing us to distribute work and share the busy-ness of our business.
We run a lot of events, so our hours vary – flexibility is key to ensuring a happy event team.

We also have a Perkbox subscription, which gives all of us on the team access to offers and rewards including Graze boxes and cinema tickets. It’s the little things like this than bring a smile.

The most important thing with any sense of wellbeing, is keeping communication open. We’re quite a team of chatterboxes here and, in being so, we hope that we can spot when someone’s not 100% - and get to the bottom of why.

For more advice on mental health in the workplace we've compiled a list of useful resources:

- Mind



- Time to Change