Make the most out of your Marketing Agency

In Marketing Strategy by Drive

Hiring a marketing agency will make your working life more manageable, it’s as simple as that. A good agency will free up your time so you can focus on the tasks you enjoy. Think of them as a new employee but without the hassle of PAYE, holidays and sick leave. But how do you get the most out of them?



1. It’s impossible to give your marketing agency too much detail. If you have an idea, a product you want to sell or an idea to pitch, your agency will be hungry to know everything! Let them in on your objectives, aspirations, messages and expectations - from here, your agency will conjure a magical marketing campaign based on these goals. Are you looking to grow your brand awareness, increase sales, generate leads, up-sell, improve customer satisfaction, increase footfall, launch a new product/idea, re-brand, or increase website traffic? It is vital that your marketing team knows what you want to achieve.

2. Organising your emails/calls/WhatsApps is key to effective communication. If you have multiple employees contacting your marketing agency, you risk vital information becoming lost in a sea of emails! To overcome this, assign an internal communicator. Your marketing agency will have an account manager that oversees all communications, and it is wise to do the same. We advise gathering all the information from your employees and sending it across in one email or phone call.

3. Don’t forget to tell them what you do. Yes, the agency will have studied your website in detail, but they also want to discover the passion that started the idea/product. You should mention records of previous marketing campaigns that have worked and those that didn’t.

4. Physical statistics are important. Your marketing agency will track your website metrics and goal values throughout your campaign, but alas, their psychic abilities are limited! You’ll need to keep track of footfall and/or every single person that calls or emails your business! Your agency needs this information to measure the success of the campaign accurately. A handy chart sent every month would do.



5. When you hire a marketing agency, you have access to a bunch of wonderful, talented and creative people and these shared experiences ensure your campaign is in safe hands. Each marketer will have their nose thoroughly buried in the latest marketing trends in their sector, whether it’s events, digital marketing, graphic design or strategy. So, while you’re working on other business matters, your agency should be conducting creative brainstorms for omnichannel campaigns that will push you ahead of the competition!

6. If you ask your agency to create a social media advertising campaign, but they suggest your website needs adjusting as well, this isn’t a sneaky sales tool. They recognise that without a correlated landing page, your proposed social media campaign won’t be as successful as you want it to be.

7. If you’re not sure what your marketing agency can do, find out by calling or browsing their website. If they’re like us, then they love talking to people – a break from the computer is always welcome! They will be more than happy to guide you through approaches in marketing and their countless benefits. Many agencies will offer consulting on top of their services and will train your team in the latest technologies and marketing tools for effective sales.

We hope you found this blog so useful you’re already punching your agency’s digits into your phone ready to chat metrics and omnichannel marketing techniques. If you’re currently on the lookout for an agency to work with, or you want a change, you’re in the right place!

We’d be delighted to chat to you! Email us at to discuss your marketing strategy and anything we’ve mentioned in the blog.