We provide a marketing coaching and mentoring service to clients 

This offering is aimed at those who know that they need to tackle their marketing head on, but either lack the skills and experience to implement, or simply don’t know where to begin. Whether you are a business owner with a great idea, a company with an existing marketing department or resource, or a marketing professional needing some guidance and support, we can help.

There is so much to an integrated marketing campaign, and we have many years of experience in devising and implementing them to great effect.
We will work with you to look at where you are – and where you want to be – and consider techniques and strategies to support this.

Our marketing coaching and mentoring service could take the form of a one-off session (minimum of one full day) or regular coaching sessions over one, three or six months, in person, online, or a combination of the two.

We also offer ongoing support wherein, once we have got you up and running, we keep in touch to ensure that you remain on track or are managing to react and address any change in plan or direction that might arise. This often leads to mutually beneficial long-term collaborations.

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