We listen

We listen to our clients. We listen to the needs of the business, and work closely with our clients in order to understand what it is they need to achieve. We pride ourselves on remaining objective and being proactive in identifying additional opportunities that our clients may miss.

We listen to our team, to the wealth of views, ideas and solutions its experience brings, and we listen to our suppliers – some with whom we have worked for 20 years – and whose knowledge of print, production and process is second to none.

We think big

A guest wants to arrive at your event by helicopter? No problem.
Want a national ad campaign with billboards and tube ads to match? Tick.
Promotional pens in exactly the right shade of blue? We’ll find them.

We apply our ‘big thinking’ to every project - big or small - and ensure that even the smallest marketing solution we provide has been subject to the same attention to detail, rigorous quality-check and planning as the very largest.

We plan

Planning is vital for success and we work collaboratively with clients to ensure that we’re on message, on brand, on brief and on budget.

We make sure that the right strategy and plan is in place before implementation and work closely with all members of the client team to ensure nothing falls through the gap.

We are the safe pair of hands that you can trust to get the job done.

We budget

We treat your budget as we would our own and pride ourselves on adding value at every level. Whether you are using us for a one-off project, or need long term support, we will work with the budget you have and ensure that it is wisely spent.

In many cases, we have worked with the freelancers and suppliers that support our in-house team for over 10 years – some we have known since we started our careers in marketing (back in the days of faxes, before digital cameras, Photoshop and Facebook). Such long-term relationships not only mean that we are assured of the best service, but also that costs are favourable.

Your London-style marketing and events business located in East Kent 

makeitdrive is co-owned by Clare Grove FCIM and Anna Bailey MCIM, highly experienced Chartered Marketers who understand how to devise marketing and event strategies and implement all kinds of marketing plans,  marketing communication campaigns and events, blending traditional and digital techniques in a measured and responsible manner to achieve the best results.

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Our entire team has an enviable track record, having delivered successful marketing communications campaigns and events of all kinds across a broad spectrum of markets including automotive, charities, childcare and education, construction, financial services, hair & beauty, healthcare, hospitality, horticultural, insurance, IT, legal, leisure and hospitality, pharmaceutical, property, public sector, recruitment, retail, telecommunications, and travel.

We work in-house at Board level as well as with start-ups, SMEs and growing organisations. We also work closely with a considerable number of charities and associations, and we provide full association management services for a leading professional membership association.

Whether you need some initial marketing consultancy support, require marketing or event project management services from a marketing agency for a particular initiative or on an ad hoc basis, or are considering outsourcing your entire marketing function - including the roles of Marketing Director, Head of Marketing or Marketing Manager – then we can help.  We can also provide interim marketing support such as maternity/ parental leave cover as you need it. 

We also say it how we see it.

We believe in a collaborative approach with our clients and are not afraid of challenging the status quo to ensure results. We are supported by a full-service implementation team consisting of highly skilled in-house and freelance marketers, designers, strategists, developers, and event managers, all of whom have been selected for their passion, creativity, and experience.

We also have an extensive network of suppliers whose knowledge of print, production and process is second to none – and we have worked with some of them for 25+ years!

This flexible model means you can tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll create the perfect marketing solution - and team - for you and your business.

PS - what makes us tick?

We LOVE what we do but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We don’t have ambitions to be the ‘next big thing’, nor do we work tirelessly to create passive income streams, which social media would have you believe is the ONLY way to exist. We do, however, have an impressive track record, enjoy working with our clients and have a sense of humour, which makes collaborating with us both productive and enjoyable.

Meet the team

As highly experienced marketers, our team has a strong track record of delivering successful campaigns across a broad spectrum of markets including automotive, education, healthcare, insurance, IT, legal, leisure and hospitality, property, public sector, recruitment, retail, telecommunications and travel.

We’ve worked at Board level within start-ups; we’ve worked in SMEs and growing organisations; we’ve worked for multi-nationals and we’ve worked in the public sector.

DRIVE is owned by Anna Bailey and Clare Grove, who understand how to plan and implement marketing communication campaigns, blending traditional and digital techniques in a measured and responsible manner.


Anna Bailey


Clare Grove


Tracey Tester
Studio Manager


Courtney Lancaster
Marketing Executive


Sophie Porter
Digital Marketing Executive


Jane Goldsmith
Office Administrator

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